Board of Directors

Janet Cody- President, [email protected]

Amber Dejmal – President Elect,

Michelle Kelly – Past President,

Maria Torres – Vice President, [email protected]

Dannielle Heideman – Secretary, [email protected]

Aaron Grunewald – Treasurer, [email protected]

Monique Koerner – NW Regional Director, [email protected]

Sara Hunnicutt– NC Regional Director, [email protected]

Vacant – NC Regional Director

Dana Book- NE Regional Director, [email protected]

Deanna Kessler-Miley – NE Regional Director, [email protected]

Sarah Eastman-Olivas – SC Regional Director, [email protected]

Monica Murnan- SE Regional Director, [email protected]

Annette Wyatt – SW Regional Director, [email protected]

Lisa Williams – State Leader and Member at Large, [email protected]

Board Documents

KPATA is composed of members from across the state of Kansas and led by the Board of Directors. Board members serve as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the membership. 


Strategic Plan

Framework for Kansas PAT

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the 12 most recent board meetings are posted here. For archived minutes, please contact Hilary Koehn, Executive Director ([email protected]).

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