The Kansas Parents as Teachers Association (KPATA) is a 501© 3 statewide organization to support early childhood education programs in Kansas with a parent education component. The organization provides opportunities for networking, leadership, visibility, training, research and information to build quality programs throughout Kansas.

Membership is open to anyone who believes in the Mission and Purposes of the Kansas Parents as Teachers Association. Together, we are a powerful voice for children and families in Kansas.

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To be a leading force in the support, education and expansion of programs in Kansas using the Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum so that all Kansas children will develop to their fullest potential. 

  • KPATA strives to heighten visibility of quality parent education in the state. The organization creates publications and distributes research and collaboration information on best practices in the field of parent education and early childhood education. KPATA also strives to educate the state policy leadership to ensure the positive growth and development of children, support for parents and build effective systems for equal access to quality early childhood and parent education programs statewide. 
  • KPATA supports Parents as Teachers programs and programs using the Parents as Teachers model within school districts and within other program delivery systems. 
  • KPATA supports programs by facilitating parent educator initial trainings and continuing education opportunities. Additionally, the organization supports the development of quality supervisors and coordinators throughout the state providing opportunities for networking and training. 
  • KPATA supports the drive towards quality excellence in all parent education programs in Kansas by supporting the National Parents as Teachers, “A Closer Look, the PAT Standards and Self-Assessment.”