By: KPATA President – Callie Benton

@Twitter has become a great tool for me for #connecting and #communicating. Most of the time I just read tweets and if you are reading to the right conversations, you can really learn a lot. At first Twitter was a way to keep in touch with friends and family. I also use Twitter to direct people, from all different parts of my life, to my websites, facebook, linkedin, and blogs. Twitter is a great tool for #advocacy and to increase #awareness of issues I am passionate about.

Following the current events around my interests is one of my favorite things about twitter. I don’t have to listen to an hour long news broadcast of sad news. On twitter, I direct the types of news updates I want by following the topics I am interested in.

Twitter is fast paced and I love that. In Parents As Teachers we are programmed to only sit still for one hour! I can send a quick tweet and thousands of people are notified on the information. (Tweets can then direct them to the full story if needed. )

Callie Benton